bloomsday: „He went out through the backdoor into the garden: […]“ / ‚ulysses‘ von james joyce

He went out through the backdoor into the garden: stood to listen towards the next garden. No sound. Perhaps hanging clothes out to dry. The maid was in the garden. Fine morning.
He bent down to regard a lean file of spearmint growing by the wall. Make a summerhouse here. Scarlet runners. Virginia creepers. Want to manure the whole place over, scabby soil. A coat of liver of sulphur. All soil like that without dung. Household slops. Loam, what is this that is? The hens in the next garden: their droppings are very good top dressing. Best of all though are the cattle, especially when they are fed on those oilcakes. Mulch of dung. Best thing to clean ladies‘ kid gloves. Dirty cleans. Ashes too. Reclaim the whole place. Grow peas in that corner there. Lettuce. Always have fresh greens then. Still gardens have their drawbacks. That bee or bluebottle here Whitmonday.
He walked on. Where is my hat, by the way?

james joyce, ‚ulysses‘, paris, 1922

malus ‚?‘ / sortenbestimmung auf der europom 2013

malus '?' / sortenbestimmung

unbekannte apfelsorte in „unserem garten“. der apfelbaum unserer nachbarin im august. ein geschenk ohne sortenbezeichnung…

mit einem apfel ging es zur europom 2013:


wahrscheinlich eine ‚rubinette‘. der baum ist noch jung. zur endgültigen sortenbestimmung heisst es warten…

  • jan bade c/o obstmanufaktur / verein für ökologie, gesundheit und bildung e.V.