convallaria majalis: „in every place which possesses the smallest resemblance to a shrubbery or wood“

Lilium convalium. Es hat auch vnser libe fraw gesprochen in dem puch der libe: Ich pin ein plvm des tals vnd auch des grvnen waldes.

gabriel von lebenstein, ‚von den gebrannten wässern‘, ende des 14. jh.


convallaria majalis l., die wilde form, soll sich unter sambucus nigra ‘black lace’ ausbreiten. keine blüten: zu schattig?, zu trocken??, …

The common Lily-of-the-valley [convallaria majalis] is a true native plant, […]. It is surely needless to recommend it to my readers as a garden ornament, but I may suggest that it might be „naturalized“ in many woods and shrubberies with the best effect – it is so interesting to meet with things like this in an apparently wild state. The handsome, graceful Solomon’s-seal (polygonatum multiflorum) and the Lily-of-the-valley should be planted to establish themselves in a wild or semi-wild state in every place which possesses the smallest resemblance to a shrubbery or wood; […]. It is not enough to meet with the Lily-of-the-valley in the garden, we should meet with it in the wilderness, by the woodlands walk, among the Primroses [primula vulgaris] and Bluebells [hyacinthoides non-scripta], and wherever native or hardy plants are cultivated.

william robinson, ‚the wild garden: or the naturalization and natural grouping of hardy exotic plants with a chapter on the garden of british wild flowers ‚, london, 1870.


ausbreitung einer hybride durch rhizome: convallaria majalis ‚vierländer glockenspiel‘ oder ‚hitscherberger riesenperle‘??? das kommt von der nachlässigkeit beim ablegen der schilder…