parks & gärten im film: maryon park in ‚blow-up‘ von michelangelo antonioni

The oblong patch of rough grass and strip of woodland where Thomas [David Hemmings] the fashion photographer inadvertently stumbled across canoodling lovers and a grisly murder are still there. The fence has disintegrated, but the wind still hisses through the trees just as it did in the haunting opening sequence of the cult movie Blow-Up, back in 1966.

Down some steep steps lie the tennis courts where the flower children – student extras recruited from nearby Goldsmiths College – acted out a silent game of tennis without a ball. But the simple plaque commemorating the filming in the summer of 1966 has been wrenched away.

Welcome to little-known Maryon Park, Charlton, location for Michelangelo Antonioni’s ground-breaking art-house film, whose fans arecelebrating its 40th anniversary. To mark the event, the Photographers‘ Gallery in London is staging an exhibition of rare images connected with the making of the movie.

robert nurden, ‚on the trail of the swinging sixties‚ in the independet

blow-up revisited‚ auf youtube