kulturlandschaft: am brocken / ‚the harz mountains: a tour in the toy country‘ by henry blackburn

Continuing the ascent [on the heinrich-heine-wanderweg from ilsenburg to the brocken summit], which changes every moment from rocks and streams to the quiet and solitude of the dark pine and firs – now walking on a carpet of living moss or dead fir cones; now coming upon a little garden of wild flowers, red, white, and blue, under our feet, with red berries, Alpine roses, and blue forget-me-nots, purple heath in the distance, and above our heads mosses and creepers growing round projecting boulders, – we come suddenly upon a little plantation of toy fir-trees, from for to six inches high, railed off like a miniature park – a nursery for forests for our great-grandchildren to walk in, when the trees above our heads are turned into the eaves and gables of towns. No one touches these plantations,which are to be seen on the mountain-side in various sizes. Planted out wider year by year as they grow larger, until they spread into a living forest. This it is, as we said, that gives the formal and artificial appearance to so many of the walks in the Harz, […].

henry blackburn, ‚the harz mountains: a tour in the toy country‘, london, 1873.

3 Gedanken zu “kulturlandschaft: am brocken / ‚the harz mountains: a tour in the toy country‘ by henry blackburn

  1. Ein schöner Beitrag. Der Harz ist ja irgendwie komplett unterbewertet. Denke ich, seit ich im letzten Sommer dort war. Und wenn ich nun lese, dass extra für uns (great grandchildren) Wälder gepflanzt wurden, möchte ich bald wieder hin …

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