& meine antwort oder was ich schon immer „über den blog“ schreiben wollte…

why do i blog? well, i started with theoriedergartenkunst.wordpress.com last year. named after the ‚theorie der gartenkunst / theory of garden art‘ by christian cay lorenz hirschfeld published between 1779 and 1785. out of frustration… my dad was a gardener and i hated gardening in my youth. then came the interest in art, art-history, urbanism, etc.. i re-discovered gardens. but all i found here in germany were just „lovely“ flowers and „nice“ lawns and horrible decoration,some even call it „art“. no discussion about design (by the way: i hate the word), ignorance when it comes to history,… there are some groups & societies but – sorry – their members are mostly not my age & seem to be very closed circles. i started to follow british gardening via social media, reading blogs… here in germany very few nurseries, gardeners, academic institutions have a good website, a social media account, etc. – closed circles.

over the years i gathered information about gardens and the blog is an opportunity to share it & maby get in contact with other like-minded folks. with my partner, who started his blog (about harzer fuhrherren, historical waggoners from the harz mountains: harzerfuhrherren.wordpress.com. advertising !!!) at the same time, we are trying to figure out how it works…

‚as found‘: on my blog you find a lot of garden literature from the 16., 17. & 18. century. i started to read old garden books because most of the new output is just badly and hastily written & full of photoshopped images, good photography is very rare (i’ve worked as photoeditor). a lot of lost or ignored old gardens. there are regional preferences for the münsterland (the gardens & landscapes i grew up with) & discovering the gardens in northern germany. gardens in or as art (land art, conceptual art & 16. to 18. century) sometimes about my „own“ garden: a lot of pots & a disappearing lawn in front of the house („guerilla gardening“ tolerated by our landlord). plants i like. the blog is more a collage of information & entertainment.

most followers – on wordpress and twitter – are from the uk and the netherlands. maby i should start writing english abstracts (better english of course)…

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Are you a garden blogger? Why do you blog?: eine diskussion auf thinkingardens.co.uk

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